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Our new article on Janus oscillators was published on Physical Review Research Journal.


Janus oscillators have been recently introduced as a remarkably simple phase oscillator model that exhibits nontrivial dynamical patterns—such as chimeras, explosive transitions, and asymmetry-induced synchronization—that were once observed only in specifically tailored models. Here we study ensembles of Janus oscillators coupled on large homogeneous and heterogeneous networks. By virtue of the Ott-Antonsen reduction scheme, we find that the rich dynamics of Janus oscillators persists in the thermodynamic limit of random regular, Erdős-Rényi, and scale-free random networks. We uncover for all these networks the coexistence between partially synchronized states and a multitude of solutions of a collective state we denominate as a breathing standing wave, which displays global oscillations. Furthermore, abrupt transitions of the global and local order parameters are observed for all topologies considered. Interestingly, only for scale-free networks, it is found that states displaying global oscillations vanish in the thermodynamic limit.



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